Can’t sing enough praises

"On February 23rd, I took the ride of my life with my mother. That was the day my Mother saw her new home for the first time. Mary Spainhour greeted us at the door and took my mother's hand and welcomed her to Kerner Ridge. She was showing her the facility on our way back to the Horizons area and telling her all about it and how excited she was that we were there. Mary allowed me time to visit with mom before I left so Mom could get adjusted to her new surroundings. Mom told me she thought the place was so beautiful and she thought she was going to be happy there. When mom met her roommate she went straight to work and introduced herself. She then told her roommate that she was there and everything was going to be fine because she was going to take care of her. I told Mom that I needed to go and she turned and looked at me and said, "ok I will see you later". I am not sure what I expected but that wasn't it. The staff at Kerner Ridge are our angels on earth. They made something that I thought I would never have to do such a pleasant experience and assured me along the way to trust her and it will all be okay. I did and it was. I cannot sing enough praises about Kerner Ridge or their wonderful staff for what they have done for us. If you are reading this and you are considering this home for a family member. I hope that you will be blessed with an opened spot for them because they are certainly the best in my book. THANK YOU KERNER RIDGE!""

- Karen Gray

Kerner Ridge Assisted Living

Not sure what we would have done

"I want to thank you and the entire staff at Arbor Ridge for the care, friendship and compassion you have shown mother for the past three years. Quite frankly, I am not quite sure what we would have done if Arbor Ridge had not been built. Mother moving there worked very well for our entire family. A major reason it worked so well was because of the caring, professional staff. Jane and I always felt very comfortable with everyone on staff, and I feel this is very important. I will always be an advocate for Arbor Ridge at Kernersville and the services you provide."

- James A. Hicks

Arbor Ridge at Kernersville

Loving, patient, and attentive.

"We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful stay my mother has had at Arbor Ridge at Kernersville. The staff has been stupendous, loving, patient and attentive."

- Jeanette Nelson & Charles Nasem

Arbor Ridge at Kernersville

A respite without worry

"How can I thank you enough for allowing me to get a respite to Hilton Head? The supportive, nurturing environment at Arbor Ridge at Kernersville allowed me to leave Dave without worry. Thank you and your staff for a fine job…you’re the right people in the right place and positions! "

- Laura Fuller

Arbor Ridge at Kernersville

Love and support in the golden years

"My sisters and brother are very grateful to have our father spend his 'golden years' here at Forest Ridge...he is hoping to celebrate his 90th birthday in January surrounded by his new 'family' of friends here at Forest Ridge. A special thank you to all of the kind folks who provide my father with love and support here."

- Ms. Kirby Doolittle

Forest Ridge Assisted Living

The best decision we ever made

"I would like to thank Kerner Ridge for the amazing job you do taking care of my mom. Moving her out of the home 2 1/2 years ago was the hardest decision we've ever made, and yet looking back now, I realize that it was the best decision we ever made. The staff at Kerner Ridge has taken care of her every need and have loved her beyond what I thought was possible. To be able to visit mom and spend quality time with her and not feel burdened by her care has been a blessing to our family. So, thanks to all your dedicated employees. They are truly angels."

- Amal Wood

Kerner Ridge Assisted Living

Care, compassion, and patience

"The care, compassion and patience that everyone shows the residents at Arbor Landing is not only professional, but given from the heart, which is a rare find!"

- Brenda and Haley Jones

Arbor Landing at Ocean Isle

Care and support provides peace of mind

"Our experience with Arbor Landing at Ocean Isle has been better than we had expected. My mother has enjoyed the friendly neighborhood feeling created by the staff and other residents. The accommodations are spacious, comfortable and very well maintained. The care and support from everyone there provides me with peace of mind that my mother's needs are satisfied and yet allows her to maintain her own independent lifestyle. Thanks again for all you do for my mom and all her friends at Arbor Landing."

- Ellen Friscoe and Family

Arbor Landing at Ocean Isle

Professional and Caring Staff

"For the past four years I have worked with Deerfield Assisted living providing Hospice services for their residents. In that time I have seen professional and caring staff provide care and support to the patients and family members. Keep up the great work!!!! "

- Billy Hoilman

Deerfield Ridge Assisted Living

Personal Care…and I Stay Independent

"My wife needs added assistance other communities can’t provide and I cannot give her. Here at Arbor Ridge of Stanleyville she receives personal care services from the Summit Care at Home Staff and I stay independent. The best part is we can stay together regardless of her challenges, We can look forward to aging in place with the services and options we have at ARS. The camaraderie is great and I am able to give back and help with some of the activities. "

- Tony Huie

Arbor Ridge at Stanleyville

Peace of Mind I Was Looking For

"ARS has given me the peace of mind I was looking for. I’m very happy my Mom is here and have great confidence in the staff. There is a warmth and friendliness that is pervasive among the residents and the staff. Mom loves it!"

- Lynn S.

Arbor Ridge at Stanleyville

I Knew This Place Was For Me

"I knew this was the place for me the first time I came here. I liked the people and I liked what I saw. “Without a doubt, this place can’t be touched”. I have never regretted my decision to come to Arbor Ridge at Stanleyville. Anyone considering a move will not regret it either."

- Joe L., resident

Arbor Ridge at Stanleyville