PEAK Pharmacy is a long-term care pharmacy that specializes in geriatric care while working exclusively with patients residing at independent living, assisted living, and memory care facilities.

Located in the heart of Kernersville, PEAK Pharmacy has partnered with Ridge Care to become the pharmacy of choice for their residents. By working together, PEAK can align their goals, services, and mission with that of Ridge Care so that the two can bring the very best standards to retirement living. 

Our Services


PEAK Pharmacy is operated by a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) that specializes in geriatric and long-term care.


All CDC/FDA approved vaccines are available and administered by CPR/First-Aid certified staff


PEAK Pharmacy has teamed up with a local delivery company to offer free daily delivery to all of our contracted communities.

Genetic Testing

PEAK has partnered with Rxight to now offer pharmacogenetics testing. With just simple swab of the cheek, patients can now have an individualized custom report that shows them which medications work better and safer.

Compliance Packaging

Long-Term Care requires special packaging to comply with both federal and state guidelines. Specializing exclusively in geriatrics allows PEAK to build their entire operation with these safety measures and regulations in place.

Part D Plans

Every year insurance agencies make the process of selecting a new plan difficult and confusing, which can result in higher costing medications and expensive co-pays. PEAK Pharmacy will schedule briefings with you while running a systemic analysis of any existing Part D plan in the area. This allows a plan that works best with your current medication list while providing snapchats of month-to-month cost projections.

Chart Reviews / Consulting

For residents residing in Assisting Living Facilities, PEAK Pharmacy will send a geriatric certified pharmacist to review charts and medical records 4x a year. This visit is consistent with state requirements and allows the pharmacist to work exclusively with the provider and facility to ensure patients are getting the very best.


Medications, dosing, strengths, and orders can change daily. PEAK Pharmacy uses QUICKMAR to instantly update all medical records in real time ensuring that all medical providers involved are using the most current and updated medication list. This allows both the community, physician, and pharmacy to have access to the most updated medical record at all times.

24/7 Service & Backup

Health is a continuous effort and Peak understand the importance of being available in times of emergencies and unexpected incidences. Peak has a 24/7 backup procedure with all contracted communities to ensure that a medication can be made available in a hurry.

Special Ordering of Generic & Prescription Drugs

Every resident will require different needs and drugs based on their health and illnesses. Instead of using a standard formulary where only certain manufacturers are available, Peak uses an individualizes approach allowing residents to special order any over the counter medications to better increase our customer service and level of care.

Drug Disposal

As medications get discontinued or expire, these drugs can begin to stock up creating inventory and safety issues. Peak Pharmacy has developed a Drug Disposal Service that is compliant with both DEA, FDA, and BOP guidelines allowing medications to be wasted appropriately and in an environmentally friendly approach.

Customer Service

Our number one goal is customer service and being able to provide the best pharmacy experience that we can for our communities, our residents, our providers, and our POAs. We always strive to align our goals with your needs to ensure we are exceeding your expectations so that we can continue to make you our number one priority.