Job Type

Full Time

Shift(s) Available

1st Shift

Job Description

Job Purpose

Assist in the direction of residence operations in accordance with its policies and procedures, mission and philosophy. Lead and motivate employees in providing quality care and services to residents and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Assist the Resident Care Consultant, AL & Horizon Wellness Directors with educating the care staff in ensuring quality resident care is provided in a manner which upholds the organization’s philosophy and wellbeing of the residents. Provide administrative support to the Executive Director and department heads; organize and maintain employee files; responsible for recruiting, hiring, benefits, administration, and general customer service duties. Acknowledge, utilize and understand NC regulations and apply to all areas of the community.

Primary Responsibilities


  • Provides administrative support to the Executive Director and department heads
  • Creates and maintains employee files
  • Reviews benefits with employees and submits benefit paperwork
  • Prepares correspondence as necessary, and as directed by Executive Director
  • Assists the Executive Director or other departments with additional administrative duties as assigned
  • Works an “on call” rotation
  • Prepares daily, weekly or monthly reports as directed
  • Applies NC Regulations to all areas of the community
  • Monitors, reviews and approves all clinical payroll and coordinates with all other community department heads for processing of community payroll
  • Addresses any payroll concerns or issues with checks and hands out paychecks
  • Manages and ensures Worker’s Compensation is handled by policy and procedure in conjunction with the Executive Director
  • Assures termination paperwork is received and submitted to the Payroll & Benefits Manager
  • Responsible for terminating all former employees’ access to systems and company property
  • Responds and attends all unemployment hearings in conjunction with Department Head
  • Maintains storage of all terminated employee files
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining resident care schedules and assuring qualified and adequate staffing

Hiring, Supervising & Training

  • Assists Executive Director and other department heads with the recruiting and hiring process such as:
    • Screening applicants, arranging and performing interviews in conjunction with the Department Head
    • Coordinates 45 day new team member evaluation with the Department Head
    • Assures MTs are signed up to complete MT testing
    • E-MAR Auditing– Holes in Quick MAR
    • Completing reference checks
    • Completing criminal background checks
    • Complete all I-9 verifications for all staff
    • Schedules LHPS training for clinical staff with Resident Care Consultant
    • Arranging and completing all staff orientation
    • Completing all Health care personnel registry checks prior to hire with Resident Care Consultant
    • Schedule the administering and reading for all staff TB’s upon hire
    • Tracks required staff education
    • Maintains and updates community insured drivers list
    • Flags and notifies all Department Heads of upcoming employee evaluations
  • Provides an open door to employees, addressing any concerns or grievances they may have relating to benefits
  • Provides educational and annual compliance with OSHA requirements
  • Recruits employees to ensure adequate and qualified staffing
  • Maintains complete and up-to-date employee files.
  • Oversees and implement the training of all employees in accordance to the company’s policies, training programs and state and federal regulations
  • Leads by example, encouraging teamwork, promoting the company’s philosophy and mission statement; ensuring and providing ongoing coaching to employees.
  • Motivates employees to promote team atmosphere through recognition programs, training and teambuilding
  • Maintains a high level of employee satisfaction
  • Ensures proper documentation for all training
  • Conducts EMAR training and orientation
  • Creates and maintains PCS education files
  • Audits 25% of community employee files every quarter
  • NC CNA and Med Tech in good standing required
  • CPR Instructor certified
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