This position is currently available in the following communities:


  • Med Tech License to pass Medications in an Assisted Living required
  • CNA or PCA Certification Preferred.
  • High School diploma or G.E.D.
  •  Required to work every other weekend.

Job Type

Part Time, Full Time

Job Purpose

Properly assist with/administer scheduled medications to residents in accordance with state regulations and residence policy. Provide personalized care and services to residents; uphold the residence policies and procedures; and ensure the residents’’ rights to safe, prompt, and confidential treatment.

Duties & Responsibilities

Medication Administration

  • Follows the six “rights” of medication administration (right resident, right drug, right dosage, right time, right route, right record/documentation) each and every time assistance or administration of a medications occurs.
  • Assists with or administer medications to resident according to their Medication Administration Record (MAR)
  • Documents clearly and accurately on the Medication Administration Record (MAR) after a medication is taken/given, refused, held, discontinued, changed, disposed of, returned, following the residence policy.
  • Maintains a neat, clean, organized med cart.  Restocks the med as needed
  • Provides residents with any treatments required as part of their individual services plan

Resident Services

  • Provides quality care and assistance to residents in accordance with the residence philosophy, policy, and procedures, and residents rights
  • Assists residents in meeting their physical, emotional, spiritual, and medical needs to achieve and maintain their highest level of wellness
  • Promotes and protects the residents’ rights to safe, prompt, and confidential treatment
  • Observe the resident for any adverse reaction to a medication and report it to your Resident Care Director or supervisor immediately
  • Maintains confidentiality of resident’s’ records
  • Control the spread of infection by following standard precautions
  • Disposes of infectious and potentially infectious waste according to residence policy and procedure, and OSHA regulations
  • Establishes and maintains a good relationship with residents and their families
  • Respond to resident emergencies following proper procedure