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Current Openings:

Ridge Care is always accepting applications and resumes from qualified individuals who are interested in becoming part of our team. Ridge Care team members are expected to bring enthusiasm, professionalism, compassion, and inflexible integrity to their work. If you fit the bill, please get in touch with us today!


Arbor Ridge at Stanleyville

  • CNAs (2nd & 3rd Shifts, Variable hour)

Carteret Landing Assisted Living & Memory Care

  • Executive Director

Chatham Ridge Assisted Living

  • CNAs (1st, 2nd & 3rd Shifts, Full time & Variable hour)
  • Med Techs (2nd & 3rd Shift – Full time & Variable hour)

Deerfield Ridge Assisted Living

  • CNAs (1st & 2nd Shifts, Full time)
  • CNAs (2nd & 3rd Shift – Variable hour)

Forest Ridge Assisted Living

  • CNAs (1st & 3rd Shifts – Variable hour)
  • Cook/Dining Services (Variable hour)
  • Waitstaff/Dining Services (Variable hour)
  • Med Techs (3rd Shift – Variable hour)

Kerner Ridge Assisted Living

  • CNAs (1st & 2nd Shifts, Variable hour)

Mallard Ridge Assisted Living

  • CNAs (All Shifts, Variable Hour)
  • Med Techs (All Shifts, Variable hour)

Mebane Ridge Assisted Living

  • CNAs  (All Shifts – Full time & Variable hour )

Priddy Manor Assisted Living 

  • CNAs (2nd shift, Variable hour)

Walnut Ridge Assisted Living

  • CNAs (All Shifts – Variable hour)