Our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

No doubt, these are unprecedented times. But you can be sure that the compassionate, committed team members of Ridge Care Senior Living are going the extra mile to keep your loved one healthy and safe.

JULY 30, 2020

Essential Caregiver Program

We are pleased to announce the implementation of our new Essential Caregiver Program. Simply put, this program allows each resident to identify a loved one (family member, friend, clergy member, etc.) who will serve as his or her essential caregiver. As such, that essential caregiver will be given the ability to schedule regular, indoor visits with that resident. For lack of a better comparison, you can think of this program as a TSA Pre-Check or Known-Traveler program for community visitation.  

We feel this program will provide an opportunity for our residents to reconnect with their loved ones -- something they desperately want and need -- while allowing our team to continue to provide the necessary safeguards to keep them healthy and well. 

We invite those wishing to apply for essential caregiver status to reach out to the Executive Director at your loved one's community to begin the initial acceptance process. 

We appreciate the trust and confidence you place in us to care for you or those you love!

JULY 15, 2020

Resuming Limited Outdoor Family Visitation

Our residents miss you! And we know how much you miss them. After considering the profound impacts of long-term social isolation, we feel the time is right to allow scheduled, outdoor, socially-distanced visits with your loved ones. 

To make this a safe and enjoyable experience, we’re asking our residents and the family members who’ll visit them to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Please reach out to schedule a visit with family members. Visits will be scheduled in 30-minute increments. We ask that you only visit during your scheduled time.
  • We ask that visits be limited to immediate family (children, grandchildren, etc.). Visitors under the age of 12 will not be allowed at this time.
  • Residents and visitors must not have any physical contact during visits. We know how difficult this will be, but for the safety of those you love and the team members who care for them, we ask for your total commitment and full cooperation on this point. Lines on the floor will indicate where it is safe for residents and family members to sit.
  • Residents and family members must wear a mask while visiting. To conserve our personal protective equipment supplies, we ask that family members bring their own masks.
  • Before your visit begins, a team member will complete a thorough screening, which consists of a series of questions about your health and will also include a temperature screening.

Here’s how we’re responding to the crisis:

  • Weeks before the first confirmed cases in the states we serve, we assembled an internal task force of clinicians and operations specialists to create COVID-19-specific protocols. Our protocols were reviewed by an infectious disease specialist to ensure we were doing everything possible to prepare our communities to prevent exposures. 

  • Our home office-based Community Resource Team has provided our community leaders with the resources and ongoing information they need to adapt to changing conditions. 
  • We’ve restricted visitor access to our communities. When essential visits are necessary, every individual who enters our communities must undergo a thorough health screening as directed by the Center for Disease Control, including a screening to determine if he or she has a temperature.
  • We’ve enhanced our normal cleaning procedures and have stepped up sanitization of frequently-touched surfaces, like door knobs and handrails. 

  • Where possible, we’ve implemented social-distancing principles during meal times and activities.

We're stretching out to stay healthy!

  • Before meals, we’re doing guided exercises to remind our residents of the importance of proper hand hygiene. 

To keep your loved ones engaged and entrained while these visitor restrictions are in place, our social directors have increased the number and variety of appropriate daily activities.

We’ve provided each community with dedicated Android and Apple iPhones to provide residents opportunities to video conference with their loved ones.

Please know that the health and wellbeing of those who live and work at Ridge Care Senior Living will always be our foremost priority. 
Thank you for the trust you place in us to care for those you love. We don’t take it lightly. 

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