In a recent survey of national assisted and retirement living communities, the number one complaint from residents about their living experience was the quality of food they were served. Food, it goes without saying, is a very big deal.

Ridge Care communities work tirelessly to create meals that are not only healthy and well balanced, but tasty and desirable. With a careful eye to detail and variety, our dining service directors provide three hot meals a day in a relaxed, restaurant-style setting. Alternate menu items are always available to ensure there’s an option for every taste preference. Friendly waitstaff attend to the resident’s every need in casually elegant dining rooms. And each community has a resident dining council that meets monthly to make suggestions about how and what food is prepared, giving residents a great deal of influence over the meals they’re served.

We think our meals are delicious, but don’t take our word for it. Click here to schedule a complimentary lunch or dinner at a Ridge Care community near you.

Bon appetit!